Club Programme's

Competition Guidelines

Unless Stated Otherwise
• Competition images can be Print or DPI format, or a combination of both.
• Maximum number of images entered into the competition TWO (subject to review).
• Colour or monochrome images accepted in each competition (apart from Open 2).
• New images in “Fun Night” events can be used in future club competitions (ruling applies).

Straight From The Camera Competition
• Images should accurately reflect the subject matter/scene as taken by the camera.
• Images that have been digitally altered in software, e.g. removal of sensor dust spots, cropping, converted to monochrome, adjustment to exposure, saturation, contrast and sharpness are acceptable.
• Combined multiple exposures, either in camera or in software, to produce a single “High Dynamic Range” image is acceptable.
• Images considered not to meet these requirements will be rejected.

Buy A Subject Competition
• Subject(s) are picked from the hat - £1.00 per subject or £2.00 for three subjects.
• You must use the subject for the title of the image, e.g.:
If you pick “Blue Sky” as your subject, then image title will be - Blue Sky.jpg. Enter more than one image using your “Blue Sky” subject then titles become - Blue Sky 1.jpg, Blue Sky 2.jpg.
• By selecting more than one subject, you can combine images/subjects e.g. 3 images - 1 subject, or 2 images - 1 subject and 1 image another subject, or 3 images - 3 subjects.

Open 1 Competition
• Subject Open.
Open 2 Monochrome Competition
• Subject Open, but monochrome only. Colour “popping” not allowed on the image.

Creative/Alternative Reality/Arty Competition (Definition may change)
• Definition – Creative images showing an artistic bent or Alternative Reality

Master Photographer Competition - Five Images Required.
• Judge scores each image out of 20. One image per subject, selected from the following:
Close up (Cu).
Landscape (L) – "Open Vista” with Sky, Town, Sea, or Land as the main subject.
Movement (M) – image portraying movement in the image.
People (Pe) – portraits, candid’s, normal or working habitat.
Sport (S) – showing sports event, with or without movement.
Creative/Arty or Alternative Reality Competition (Cr) - Creative images showing an artistic bent or Alternative Reality
Natural History (NH) –not captive animals or pets or cultivated plants.
Strict rules apply to modifying images - see WCPF web page "Nature" definition.
Architecture (A) – including parts of buildings or structures.
Animals (An) - domestic pets or wild animals, not human.